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Learn more about the history of media appropriation

About Sampling

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  • This contest site shares audio files and asks you to take inspiration from two recordings of famous artists. At no time will these entries be used for sale or commercial purposes.

    Your entry may be created by performing a cover version or inventing an entirely new work. You may also choose to create a piece through sampling, cutting and pasting the audio into a new arrangement.

    Sampling has a long history in art and music, but in many countries such as the U.S. sharing music files and creative sampling is legal only after receiving explicit permission from the copyright holder of the media.

    The exception to this rule is under the fair use doctrine, which allows limited use without permission. This allows artists to legally create a transformative parody that satirizes the original(s).

    if you are interested in learning more about the legal issues of copyright, the links provided by Wikipedia
    are a good place to begin.

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