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angela davis cd

Several audio recordings have been made of Angela Davis's speeches, including the one above.

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  • In 1972, the Rolling Stones released "Sweet Black Angel" on the album Exile on Main Street, called a "negrophile homage" by one reviewer in the UK's Guardian Unlimited newspaper."Angela" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, was released a month later, just days after Angela Davis was acquitted of federal murder charges.

    What do you think of these songs? They may not be that interesting to you now, but your mission is to creatively reinterpret the sounds through a re-mix, cut-up, cover version, or video. There are no rules except that entries should
    respond to the songs and their relationship to Angela Davis and her activism. Please visit your local library or check out the LINKS on this website to learn more. A panel of judges will rate entries for an award of $100. A matching donation will be made to the Prison Activist Resource Center. Entries will not be used for commercial purposes.

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