Happy New Year from Operation Pickle!

On October 21 2007, during the agriCULTUREshow at Lipe Art Park,
we recruited volunteers from Syracuse to ferment cabbage for several weeks in their home.
We provided the supplies and ingredients in exchange for the opportunity to record their stories about the SALT CITY.
For tips on how to make your own sauerkraut, visit Sandor Ellix Katz's Wild Fermentation site.

The first round of interviews are completed, with more to come in January 08.
Check back later for sound clips from
Lauren, Frank, Masha, Polar, Kandice, Joanna, and Laura.

Email operationpickle@gmail.com for more info.

Frank's kitchen counter.
Here's Lauren's tasty red cabbage!
Masha's sauerkraut went bad from a period she was out of town, but we had a lovely interview anyway.

7 November 2007

Fereshteh's sauerkraut brewing on the back porch.

And now it's in the fridge, ready to eat!

10-28-07 Frank sent in a photo from his camera-phone today.

Masha and Kandice sent email reports and are also well on their way
We look forward to stories and photos from them soon.


Check out our first update, sent in from Lauren C. from her camera-phone.
Lauren layered red cabbage in with the green, which will result in pink sauerkraut.