Magnetic Ribbons for Armor

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Magnetic Ribbons for Armor (formerly Patriotic Magnets for Armor) was founded by Ada and Casey Bennett of Wichita Kansas. After soldiers criticized the Defense Department’s inadequate armored transport vehicles late last year, the Bennetts began to send collected magnets to Donald Rumsfeld as an act of protest.

After receiving thousands of patriotic magnetic ribbons, Col. Charles Matlak, a senior civilian official for the Army Material Command, launched a series of experiments to determine the effect of covering Humvees with the magnetized ribbons. Matlak discovered that a large number of magnets would create a force field strong enough to repel small arms fire.

The magnetized ribbons may help to compensate for shortages of a critical high-tensile steel and ballistic glass for windshields and door windows.

After retiring to Hawaii this fall, the Bennetts handed over the project to three recent college graduates who had volunteered to box magnets during a winter session in their senior year. We have renamed the project "Magnetic Ribbons for Armor" and continue to collect magnets of all kinds to send to the Army Material Command. This is our small contribution to supporting our troops abroad.