Fereshteh Toosi  | Artist Statement

Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, I collect and recombine sounds, words, images, and actions. I pursue a research-based practice grounded in audience participation and collaboration.

My socially engaged creative work ranges from community-driven oral histories to guerrilla interventions in public places. Projects that feature the history and people of a particular place take different forms appropriate to the situation. The most recent is an audio book with 3D elements, featuring food heritage stories for an audience of people with low or no vision. The project aims to showcase the culture and food traditions of Chicagoís African American residents whose families traveled north during the Great Migrations.

My research specialties include social geography, sensory ethnography, sustainability, and immigration and migration issues. Iím inspired by art and documentary media that directly engage the landscape and geographical spaces through the use of mobile media. For my future work, I'd like to investigate how portable technology such as MP3 players, RFID, GPS, and mobile phones can be used creatively by pedestrians and cyclists. I am developing projects that explore interactive storytelling through locative, spatial, and ambulatory practices.