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We're pleased to announce that the winner of the Angela Davis re-mix contest is SPINNERTY of San Francisco!

Listen to Dan's entry:
MP3 of Hey Angela!

Visit his website at spinnerty.com



angela davis cd

Several audio recordings have been made of Angela Davis's speeches, including the one above.

  • link to audio files

  • download PDF of "Sweet Black Angel"lyrics

  • download PDF of "Angela" lyrics

  • free and low-cost editing resources

  • info about sampling

  • From the artist's statement: "The piece opens with an introduction by Cornel West, taken from his participation in the 1997 Du Bois forum "A Conversation on Race"...the listener will discover that the words "Hey Angela!" are assembled from syllables sung in the original songs (Angela by John Lennon/Yoko Ono and Sweet Black Angel by The Rolling Stones.)"

    Link to an archive of the original contest announcement.

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